The art of being yourself – A TEDx Talk by Caroline McHugh

I have just come across a wonderful TEDx Talk that is sure to brighten your day.

Caroline McHugh speaks about the beauty of being different, of understanding that perception does not equal profound truth. That, unlike what a majority of people think, we should not seek to destroy the ego. We actually need it to exist — but kept in check, of course.

What I find particularly interesting is the part about interiority. To her, it’s “a sensibility. It’s an orientation. And it’s the only place in your life, the only place in your life, you have no competition. Try and find a comparison to yourself, and you’ll draw a blank.”

This is very true. When I go in nature to take photos, I don’t think of the other photographers who could be there; or what passers-by may say if they see me standing in the middle of the road or lying on the ground. I feel alive and fulfilled.

Here is another passage I really like:

Even when you’re born without many of the attributes that some of your peers may have, even when you’re born in a way that may lead you to feel impotent. If you can tap into that voice, if you can tap into that inner voice that I’ve been talking about, you might just end up being, at 12 years old, the youngest person ever called to the National World Champion Swim Team. You might even end up at the age of 13 being the youngest Olympian gold medal winner, ever. You might even end up at 14 being the youngest person ever to get an MBE. That’s what happens when you dial in to the personal pronoun.

Thank you to Faydra Deon for sharing this video with me!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.



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