A Flipboard Magazine for human trafficking awareness

Human Trafficking Awareness

My friend Janette Speyer is not just a talented marketer. She is also a person dedicated to raising awareness of important topics. I have seen her share countless videos of the current situation in Venezuela on Facebook, a country in which she grew up.

She is also determined to educate people on human trafficking.

When I was a journalist, one of my tasks was to write on human trafficking in Canada. I have researched the topic extensively and read quite a few related articles and books, one of my favorites being Invisible Chains by Benjamin Perrin.

(Canada is actually one of the major human trafficking hubs in North America. As far as cities are concerned, Toronto tops the list.)

When Janette asked me and several other people to contribute to her Human Trafficking Awareness magazine on Flipboard, I felt beyond honored. So, as a thank you for allowing me to be part of the story, I want to promote it here.

From the latest legal developments to studies and testimonies, it’s a thorough compendium backed by Flipboard’s interactive design.

Link: https://flipboard.com/@websuccess/human-trafficking-awareness-iaeruj3uz.

For the most recent human trafficking cases in Canada, you can also check out this link.


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